25 March 2017


Agnes Bihari, journalist and photographer.

I am a lonely stalker of places in light and shadow and of all kinds of people with heavy stories to tell or hide.

Social injustice and the fallible nature of the human being has many manifestations in as many colours, forms and smells. My primary interest are people in their (mainly) urban circumstances and intertwined relations so I walk the streets a lot, and generally try to get into rapid and intensive contact with my subjects. I am a junky of heavy emotions and visually saturated places. When I am confronted with something beautiful or strange or something i do not even have a word for I try to show it in its pure peculiarity.

I have worked as a journalist during long years which taught me to place into context a person or a phenomena I happen to confront with camera in hand. Therefore when working on a project analysis and rationalization are always present in the background. However, without an emotional connection, I do not feel that a shooting is justified.

I prefer to work on longtime projects and stories in places and circumstances that on the surface are far from my personal quasi-middle-class-like central-european reality. However I am convinced that, on a deeper level things are rather similar.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/isemilla/?hl=en