25 March 2017


Agnes Bihari, journalist and photographer

Image-making is a way to be connected to the world; studying the fate of others helps us to understand and accept our own one. Photography came into my life only in my forties but since I finished my first photoproject and exhibited it, it has became the most important way to express myself. My primary interest lies in the fallible nature of the human being; the notion that nothing is stable nor permanent and is subject of constant change. I am also attracted to urban enviroments with fading or decaying man-made objects because they bear the trail of passing time, changing fashion and relativity of values.

Bulk of my work is streetphotography but sometimes I create/follow stroylines that develope out of casual encounters. I have worked as a journalist during long years which taught me to communicate with all walks of people. While getting into swift contact with my subjects on the streets I intend to establish situations where figuratively we stand on the same ground. I love spending time with stories, places and circumstances that are different from my personal reality, however I am convinced that, on a deeper level we all are rather similar.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/isemilla/